A Harvest Gathering

The gathering of family and friends during the fall season requires an event. An event to roast chestnuts, drink apple cider, grab blankets to keep the chill out and play some games. It was the very end our long days of warm sun that this party took place before the chilly season of winter. It was a lovely evening filled with sparklers, candles in mason jars,  twinkle lights, a bonfire and outdoor games like playing cards and flashlight tag.


The Shima Family gathered with family and friends at the end of September in Airdrie, Alberta to celebrate the end of the beautiful fall weather before the snow hits. A fall menu of French Onion Soup, Marinated Turkey, Cranberry Stuffing, Roasted Vegetables, Cranberry Salad, Herb Gravy and Fresh Cornbread was a feast to plunge into. Items and fresh food brought from our local farmers market paid tribute to having everyone satisfied with bellies full. Of course a selection of fruit pies had to top it off into the evening with warmed drinks. With an evening of 30 people, the backyard was filled and their hammock and trampoline was fought over.


Harvest Party 13Harvest Party 8Harvest Party 1Harvest Party 6Harvest Party 11Harvest Party 4Harvest Party 5Harvest Party 2Harvest Party 3Harvest Party 10Harvest Party 12Harvest Party 9Harvest Party 7

Family: The Shima Family
Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
Photography: Shima Studios


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