Teepee Camping

This unique camping experience can be found throughout places in North America for couple and families. They are warm and comfortable accomodations during cool nights. The kids love the idea of sleeping in one and also shows them the history of how people lived before their time. It is a great little adventure for a weekend or even one night!

Across North America, many plains natives lived in teepees, made with buffalo hide fastened around very long poles, designed in a cone shape. As nomadic people, they traditionally followed the buffalo and created teepees for easy set up and take down. Sometimes, the poles were quite hard to find due to the length. A trade for one horse for five poles was considered very fair.


Tee Pee 6

Tee pee 3Tee pee 1Tee pee 5Tee pee 4Tee pee 2

Location: Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
Photography: Shima Studios


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