S’more Backyard Night

Simple delights like gathering around a fire, along with marshmellows, milk chocolate, graham crackers and hot cocoa creates a lovely night. It is such a special time to unwind from a busy week on a weekend night and relax by the fire with the kids gobbling down marshmellows and building little treat-like creations.

Grab a few cozy blankets, a thermos full of warm cocoa, supplies for the traditional campfire treat… s’mores or popcorn, sparklers and even some stories to read before bedtime. Make the evening last and put the kids in sleeping bags under the stars for awhile before they fall asleep.

The first recorded version of the s’mores recipe can be found in the publication Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts of 1927. Although, the Girl Scouts were not the first to make s’mores, reports on the group as early in 1925 describe them.


The Samuelson Family enjoys relaxing in their backyard on warm summer nights with their 4 delightful kids. It is after 10… 11… 12… marshmellows each, they decide to call it an evening. Bedtime stories are read and the fire is put out. This has been a regular ritual in the summer for them and the kids cherish the smell of a good outdoor night.



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Family: The Samuelson’s
Location: Airdrie, AB, Canada
Photography: Shima Studios


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