A Private Beach

A beautiful secluded place all to yourselves to relax or create mischief. These places exist all around us. It is just knowing if you need to book them beforehand or know of a special spot to visit every once in a while.  A special place like this allows for us to take a break from the busy realities of the world. The feeling of privacy being outdoors is uplifting, filling and grounding all at the same time. Sharing it with activities and people you love adds to the enjoyment of the space. Once a year on a weekend, time is spent at this special place. I wonder if anyone else knows about it?


Each year the Weleschuk family consisting of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents go out to a special place picked out each year to relax. Camping sites are set up upon arrival, with the next favorite thing… starting a fire. Food is the core for this family. Especially when it comes to being together. The entertainment at this private beach is the use of water sports, building sandcastles and off-shore fishing.


Beach 1Beach 2Beach 5Beach 20Beach 11Beach 10Beach 9Beach 7Beach 23Beach 19Beach 18Beach 3Beach 21Beach 15Beach 16Beach 17Beach 14Beach 22Beach 8

Family: The Weleschuk’s
Location: Beaver Lake, Alberta, Canada
Photography: Shima Studios


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