Garden Visit

Getting a little dirty in the earth does the soul some good, especially when it comes to picking our own food. Fresh produce is so good for us. Eating it first hand is even more of a reward. Naturally, we are gatherers.  Being in a garden connects us to the elements and to the history of our civilization. Going out as a ritual to visit a garden on a weekly basis, once a month or once a year, can bring us back to the basics of who we are. Go out with a group or just yourself for an afternoon in the sun. Make a salad to enjoy within the same day!


The Shima Family loves visiting local gardens in the summer and early fall. It provides understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from. The kids jump right in, as digging for carrots is their favorite… minus a few casualties. A couple hours go by very quickly looking for buried treasures to find the biggest one.


Garden 11

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Family: The Shima’s
Location: Bowden Sun Maze, Bowden, Alberta, Canada
Photography: Shima Studios


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