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What is more beautiful than sharing a special evening with friends and being grateful? Looking around at all the facesView full post »

A 1779 Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner has been a traditional feast for hundreds of years. It is one of the most favorite holidays in theView full post »

Trick or Treat Farmstyle

The mood of a Halloween evening is mysterious, exciting and cautious… especially in an open area – like aView full post »

Spooky Dinner

A themed dinner for Halloween is a festive evening with family and friends. Some menu items can be pretty unappeallingView full post »

Grandma’s Applesauce

Kristin Rosenau has been making pastries, eating pastries, sharing pastries and dreaming about pastries… sheView full post »

Corn Maze Afternoon

A crisp breeze is welcomed on a beautiful fall afternoon while running through a corn maze. Each year many familiesView full post »

Sugar Dome Rush

A cake competition gets our creative juices flowing and allows life to get alittle messy for an afternoon. The kitchenView full post »

History of Candy

The history of candy dates back to ancient peoples who must have snacked on sweet honey straight from bee hives. TheView full post »

Cheese Pie

Food blogger and photographer, Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo was raised around a large family where food was at their core. View full post »

A Harvest Gathering

The gathering of family and friends during the fall season requires an event. An event to roast chestnuts, drink appleView full post »

Tailgate Lunch at Harvest

During harvest, fields are being worked from early dawn to late into the night. There is a very short window to get allView full post »

Harvest Party Event

Fall time is a very special season. Many events take place to continue traditions and start new ones. We often think ofView full post »

Halloween in August

Halloween in Western Canada can be very brisk and even times with the first snowfalls during Halloween week. ChildrenView full post »

Garden Visit

Getting a little dirty in the earth does the soul some good, especially when it comes to picking our own food. FreshView full post »

A Private Beach

A beautiful secluded place all to yourselves to relax or create mischief. These places exist all around us. It is justView full post »

Teepee Camping

This unique camping experience can be found throughout places in North America for couple and families. They are warmView full post »

S’more Backyard Night

Simple delights like gathering around a fire, along with marshmellows, milk chocolate, graham crackers and hot cocoa View full post »